Spring core or cold foam mattress

In grandma's time, the spring mattress was the best choice because it was better padded and thicker than the foam mattresses. But since then a lot has happened in the world of mattresses. What is a cold foam mattress and what makes it different from the spring mattress? Which one is better?

The construction of the cold foam mattress

Cold foam mattresses consist, as the name implies, of a foam, which has been produced by cold process. This foam immediately replaces every movement and pressure on the spot, optimally adapting to the body and any sleeping position. Important is the number of springs. A high quality mattress should have at least 1000 springs.

The structure of the spring mattress

As in Grandmother's time, spring mattresses have steel springs inside them which support and cushion the body. These springs are surrounded by a protective layer and a padding. Nowadays, the spring mattresses are often pocket spring mattresses, the springs of which are surrounded by "pockets", e.g. Dampen noise. In addition, pocket spring mattresses offer a more precise adjustment to the lying position.

Cold foam mattress and spring mattress in comparison

A high-quality cold foam mattress with a high-quality spring mattress is compared here.

CriterionCold foam mattressSpring mattress
AdaptabilityVery highHigh
HypoallergenicYesNot always
Noises when sleepingNoPossible with older mattresses
Insulation (keeps warm)YesNo
Ventilation ( important for heavy sweating people)NoVery good
Can be bentYesNo
LongevityVery highHigh
Price for 90 x 200cmStarting at 100 €Starting at 100 €

The advantages and disadvantages of the cold foam mattress at a glance

HypoallergenicMay get uncomfortably warm in summer
LongevityOften not suitable for wide-spaced slatted frames
Precise adaptability
Very hygienic
Very light

The advantages and disadvantages of the spring mattress at a glance

Good adaptabilityHigh Weight
Very good breathabilityCan not be kinked

Price differences between cold foam mattresses and spring mattresses

Even if the many positive properties of the cold foam mattress suggest that this price is significantly higher than the spring mattress, this is not so: both spring mattresses and cold foam mattresses are already available under 100 Euro (90 x 200cm). Of course there are also high quality models that cost around 500 €. Let yourself be advised by a specialist and be a sample!

For whom is the cold foam mattress the best choice?

After all, it is not only the properties of the mattress itself that determine your sleeping habits, but the mattress that's best for you. Cold foam mattresses are particularly suitable for:

  • people with back problems
  • restless sleepers
  • people who often change their sleeping position
  • allergy sufferers
  • very sensitive to cold
  • beds that can be heavily adjusted

for whom is the spring mattress the best choice?

If you do not move very much and have a strong back, you should also be able to get by with a spring mattress, even if a cold foam mattress generally offers more comfort. However, there are also groups of people who should rather opt for a spring mattress or a very different variant:

  • very sweaty people
  • very heavy people

Also pay attention to how your slatted frame is created. Some cold foam mattresses should not be placed on a slatted frame with longer distances.

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