Walls spraying instead of painting

While in recent times powerful paint sprayers were almost exclusively reserved for the professionals, they are increasingly spreading among private self-makers. Color spray systems can be borrowed from hardware stores and specialist retailers. There are advantages and disadvantages of spraying instead of painting the walls.

Prerequisites and Benefits

The even distribution of paint is easier to achieve when spraying than painting the walls. Well prepared, large areas can be dyed faster. However, some accompanying circumstances must be observed, which not only lead to advantages:

  • The preparation requires more effort
  • The work must be carried out expertly and precisely
  • The paint and its consistency must be sprayable
  • The spray system must be used correctly and permanently in a clean condition
  • External conditions such as draft or wind must be ruled out

Suitable paint and larger wall surfaces

A spray system should be suitable for the type of paint being used. Not all systems are suitable for emulsion paints. Loan equipment must be clean. The spray paints need a thin consistency, which can not be made possible with all color types.

The spraying of colors is only worthwhile from wall surfaces of about 15 square meters due to the extensive accompanying work. If the wall is painted in a continuous tone, there is an enormous time advantage with lower consumption

Contrary to the fact that the colors are more expensive to buy and require the preparation of greater effort. In addition, there are external influences such as wind draft, which shifts or delays the spraying. If a wall is painted two-tone, due to the high cleaning effort of the spray system all the same colored surfaces should be done in a single operation.

Preparation and execution

1. Borrow or purchase a high-quality spray system (from about 150 Euro)
2. Obtain the appropriate color and dilution surcharges
3. Protect all remaining surfaces in the room, including the ceiling and floor from spray mist
4. Always keep the spray gun in motion while spraying Spr 5. Spray distance to the wall about 30 centimeters
6. Avoid draft and drafts
7. Completely protect body including eyes, nose and hair
8. Hold the spray jet at right angles to the wall (secure access to work)
Tips & TricksIf you want finer pieces You can buy special spray cans with specific nozzle attachments from specialist retailers in the style of graffiti.

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