Sometimes savings through linoleum remainders

Genuine linoleum flooring is not available at less than 15 euros per square meter, and most products range up to sixty euros. Within this price range, there are occasionally reduced residual items, but the offers are limited, since the market for linoleum is quite small.

Genuine linoleum or plastic

Anyone looking for remnants of linoleum on the Internet mainly comes across vinyl or PVC plastic products. The term linoleum is also used in offers of this product, as many people do not distinguish genuine linoleum from plastic flooring.

Genuine linoleum is a pure natural product and is only produced by three manufacturers worldwide. The companies Deutsche Linoleum-Werke, now owned by the US Armstrong Industries, the Forbo Holding from Switzerland and the French Tarkett share the market for linoleum. This oligopoly keeps market prices stable.

Dealer discounts of up to ten percent

Discounts on residual items arise for logistical or marketing reasons. While warehousing or assortment changes at retailers and distributors tend to reduce profit margins in part to the benefit of customers, manufacturers seldom offer closeouts.

In the case of linoleum in the mid-price range of between thirty and fifty euros per square meter in particular, residual items are offered, for which price reductions of between five and ten percent are granted. This applies to pure linoleum in tile or roll form as well as for linoleum parquet.

Carpet dealers instead of DIY stores

So-called "remnants" are often also referred to as goods for sale, special items or promotional items. Interested parties rarely find what they are looking for in hardware stores or furniture stores, as the natural genuine linoleum is more likely to be seen by good carpet dealers as a fitting complement to their range.

Tips & TricksIn Austria and Switzerland, linoleum is more popular as a floor covering than in Germany. Therefore, looking for a place to live close to the border or looking for a larger amount of linoleum makes sense to look for remnants in these two countries. Above all, Austrian providers are on the Internet.
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