Resolving the Christmas tree stand - how it works

There are always difficulties with the Christmas tree stand when it comes to releasing it. How to do it right and how to proceed when the stand does not let go of the fir-tree is explained in detail in our article.

How Christmas Tree Stands Work

Most newer Christmas tree stands hold the tree using wire loops and pliers. This method has proven to be the safest and most stable way to hold the tree. This system is also often called "click fix".

The system has several advantages over the old models, where the stem was clamped with only two clamps.

The mechanism of such a wire stand is operated by a lever or a foot pedal on the side edge of the stand. By pressing down the lever, the tree is firmly clamped and held by the wire.

On most models, the foot rebounds (automatically) when the lever is first depressed and then pushed back up. In this process, you should always be careful and hold the Christmas tree stand with the other hand. Be careful not to get trapped.

Krinner models

For these models, press the lever several times with your foot up. The locking of the tree is always only gradually opened. As a rule, you have to push it upwards about 10 times until the catch is opened so far that you can pull out the tree. Dann Always lift the tree exactly vertically so that it does not jam when pulled out.

Storing the stand after use

If you want to stow the Christmas tree stand somewhere until the next Christmas, you should definitely

completely close the retaining claws . With Krinner models, you have to press two claws down so that the other claws can close over them.Then a pin on the underside of the stand must be pressed, which secures the claws against popping. This mode of operation may be different for other Christmas tree stands - on Krinner models, closing prevents it from stowing in this way. Before reopening, the locking pin does not need to be re-operated.

Tips & Tricks Be sure to carefully read the manufacturer's operating instructions as well as the safety instructions for use. Also, always use stands that are heavy enough and also approved by the manufacturer for the height of your tree.

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