Refrigerator does not work anymore - what to do?

A refrigerator must be in operation for 24 hours. If he suddenly goes out, or does not do it anymore, good advice is often expensive and the panic is great. Read this post to see what you can do first to determine the cause and what to do.

First Review

First, take a few simple checks to see if the problem is not easily remedied. The robustness and durability of refrigerators is quite large, so the chance of a low defect is very high. First, check the following:

  • Display in operation or completely dark?
  • Does light shine in the interior?
  • Does the fridge make any noise?
  • What is the temperature setting of the refrigerator?
  • power supply available? (Fuse, socket)

Causes of Damage

Light bulb is defective

If the light bulb inside is broken, the refrigerator will remain dark when opened and it will appear that it is not working. But that is deceptive. The broken bulb can usually be easily replaced by yourself.

Refrigerator accidentally turned off

If the temperature setting is accidentally turned to "zero", the refrigerator is simply turned off. Turn up the temperature, and preferably wipe it out once. Check food for damage and signs of deterioration, also check frozen food for safety reasons, if it is a fridge-freezer combination.


Check that the fuse in the fuse box is turned on. If not, turn it back on. In some cases it can happen that the socket is defective. In this case, try connecting the refrigerator to a different outlet (possibly with an extension cord) or measure the outlet (if you have the necessary knowledge and equipment). Broken sockets can repair the electrician.

Defective refrigerator

In this case you need a repair service. The following can be defective:

  • the electronics
  • the sensor sensor
  • the cooling unit itself
  • the so-called heating cartridge
Tips & TricksRepairs and customer service visits can be expensive. In many cases, a repair is no longer worthwhile, the new purchase is often cheaper.
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