How to free your clogged bathtub

Anyone who owns a bathtub will certainly know the problem. First, the water flows off more and more slowly, and eventually nothing flows anymore. The sink is clogged. The most common causes for this are hair, which get into the drain and collect in the pipes to a ball. Other deposits such as lime, dirt, sand or incorrectly dosed cleaning agents can close the drain. To remedy this quickly, there are various options.

How can remedy be provided?

The Wire Method
First, before every drain cleaning, the cap must be removed. This is usually achieved by loosening a centrally located screw. There are also drains, which were screwed in with a thread and can be solved by a water pump pliers. However, care should be taken here so as not to damage the tub. If the drain is free, the wire can be used. To do this, take a strong, bent at one end to a half loop wire that you put in the drain. At the bent end of hair and other debris hang and can be so easily removed. P The Pömpel method

If the dirt is too deep in the drainpipe to reach it with the wire, a standard Pömpel can be used. Due to the negative pressure, dirt and dirt are sucked to the surface and can be easily removed. However, it is important that a negative pressure is created. To achieve this, the tub can be filled with water a few centimeters.
The spiral method

If the blockage is very strong and sits deep in the pipe, a spiral can be used. These special drain cleaning devices are available in every construction and hardware store and can be used again and again. Dealing with a spiral requires a bit of tact, but with a little practice is feasible. The spiral is several meters long and is simply inserted into the drain. By turning and pulling back and forth even stubborn and low-lying blockages are removed. This tool is often used by installers.

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