How to clean walls painted with latex paint?

Why can you clean latex paint that well?

Latex paints normally belong to either wet abrasion class 1 or 2; these high levels are achievable only with glossy, less diffusible materials. This is because the pigments of the glossy grades are well coated with binders.

The rough pigments are barely exposed to the surface, but are stably embedded in the color. The coating is generally more closed than with a regular wall paint, moisture rolls off the surface and does not penetrate into the material.

These properties cause dirt to adhere less well, a wet cleaning leaves no marks, and the wall surface is even scrub-resistant to a degree.

How to clean your painted with latex paint wall!

A microfiber or cotton cloth as well as a soft brush are suitable as cleaning tools. The procedure is quite simple, cleaning agents are usually unnecessary: ​​

First, the dirt with warm water and rag edit.

  • If any remains remain, reach for the brush with warm water. Behandeln Treat particularly stubborn areas with the dirt eraser.
  • Make sure that the rag you use is lint-free and does not leave any abrasion residue on the surface. For greasy stains, just add a few drops of dish soap to the warm water.
  • In the case of large-scale or particularly stubborn dirt, a new coat should be considered. In this case, painting is simply quicker than cleaning.

Tips & TricksIf you are not sure whether your brush is soft enough, test its effects in a limited, hidden place before handling larger areas.

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